Software Projects

Software Projects
  • A system for automatic programming ALPHA was based on the Input Langiuage ? a certain Algol 60 extension. Multi-phase compilation, mixed programming strategy and application of formal optimizing transformations allowed attaining high quality of executable
  • The Automatic Informational STation (AIST) is a set of computer systems connected by communication lines with a great number of information sources and consumers; the connected systems are continuously engaged in joint information processing sharing the t
  • A system of distributed text processing for ES computer series
  • The Multilanguage Optimizing Programming System
  • Multiaccess Computing Center Project
  • MRAMOR is a multifunction workstation developed in the framework of "RUBIN" project for "Pravda" newspaper
  • The first project of A.P.Ershov.
  • Initially a publishing system for "Pravda" newspaper, RUBIN data-processing system was aimed at providing integrated tools for automated text processing and information services increasing the efficiency of the whole newspaper publishing cycle - from the
  • A System for Automated Preparation of PHototypesetted edItions with Resources for Editing
  • Translator from ALGAMS into ARMU anguage for Ural-14 computer
  • ER MVK Elbrus - unified series of multicomputer systems "Elbrus"
  • A symbol manipulation language initially named "SIGMA" was later renamed "EPSILON", while "SYGMA" became the name of another project - a symbolic generator and macroassembler. At the same time, A.Ershov and J.McCarthy worked on one more symbol-processing
  • In 1985, in Leningrad LNPO "Krasnaya Zarya" started works on developing MVP technology (Modular-vector technology of software industrial production). A.P. Ershov was invited as a scienific consultant of the project