The ALPHA Project

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The ALPHA Project
  • Development of ALPHA-system for BESM-6 computer
  • The documents here reflect the work om the Input, intermediate and Internal languages, logging of the process of design, assembly, step-by-step execution and system debugging (on tests andactual tasks) in a series of ALPHA-books, and ALPHA compiler trial
  • The title of the work is "Some questions of the theory of programming and compiler designing". It substantiates and practically proves the possibility of building compilers for input langiages rich with expressive means even for medium-power computers and
  • Input language is a certain extension of international programming language Algol 60. It is the base of the ALPHA system for program automation.
  • It is unpractical to generate executable code directly from an Algol-like language; translation into Internal language results in a program more suitable for processing.
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