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The documents link provides access to a body of documents. All documents in the archive have been distributed into topics, which reflect the main stages of Ershov’s life. Each topic contains groups of logically interlinked documents, which can be divided into subgroups. Numbers next to the topic name reflects the number of groups in a topic and the total number of documents; below is a short summary of the topic.

Clicking on topic extends the list of topic document groups, with number of documents in each group.

Clicking on a group brings you either to the list of subgroups or to the list of documents it contains. Each document is provided with a brief comment. The list of documents on the screen can be sorted alphabetically, by date created and by the order of their input into the system using the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Choosing a document displays relatively full information: the name of the document, the date of its creation, authors and addressees (if any). Clicking the page pictogram displays the document. If the document contains several pages, you can view them one by one by clicking next, return to the previous page by clicking previous, or go back to the beginning of the document by clicking back to document. If a document contains a single page, the links lead either to the previous or to the next document, with information on that document in brackets. For convenience, navigational links are located both on the top and at the bottom of each page.

Sometimes a page image is supplemented with its textual version. This is marked by the Т pictogram.

We’ve retained the feature of «flipping» through all folders, one after another. Information above each document page image shows which folder contains the page, as well as its number. By clicking the folder icon, you get access to the full list of sheets/pages contained in that folder and can view them in any order. Moreover, by clicking the "Folders" link at the very bottom of the screen, you get to the list of all folders which contain documents represented in the electronic archive.

Attention! The electronic archive is still under construction. It may happen that a document has been described and mentioned on the website, while its graphic image hasn’t been uploaded and made available to the visitors yet. We apologize for this inconvenience, and will readily provide the necessary information on request.

At the bottom of the page there are links "Switch to Russian", "Search" and "Advanced search".

"Switch to Russian" provides access to the Russian version of the site. The English pages are made simultaneously or sometimes at a later date than the Russian pages.

"Search" and "Advanced search" links allow the user to search documents throughout the archive.

"Search" allows looking for words only in the names of documents, topics and groups/subgroups. "Advanced search" offers more possibilities. Choosing various search options, you can find the documents containing the word specified; by specifying a name, you can find all the documents whose author/addressee (in the case of a letter) is the person in question; or find the documents in which, for example, a certain organization is mentioned. The result of the search is a list of documents displayed on the screen, which you can browse right away.

The about archive link gives general information about the archive.

The about project link gives information about the developers of the project.

Choosing Andrei Ershov displays the personal page of Academician A.P. Ershov. Here you can find his brief biography, comprehensive bibliography of his research works and photographs taken throughout his lifetime.