About the Project

"The Ershov Archive for the History of Computing" is a project of A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science carried out due to sponsorship and with participation of Microsoft Research Ltd. and with technical support of Russian software company xTech.

Andrei Ershov has left a unique archive of approximately 500 thick office folders storing documents which reflect his scientific career and simultaneously the history of computer science in Russia and worldwide. Ershov has assembled each folder by himself either in a chronological order or a subject one. The Archive together with rich library has been presented to the Institute of Informatics Systems by heirs of Andrei Ershov.

"The Ershov Archive for the History of Computing" project was started in 2000.

The Project Objectives

  • digitalization of rich scientific archive of A.P. Ershov - one of the first Russian programmers and famous computer scientist;
  • study and analysis of the creative heritage of academician Ershov;
  • free access to archive for wide range of scientists, students, science historians and amateurs of history all around the world via Internet.

The Results

The results of the project are digital archive and the website that allows visitors to view and search for the archive documents.

The work on filling database with documents continues.

Currently the archive contains:

  • documents: 42929;
  • images: 159878;
  • persons described: 6462;
  • organisations described: 3057.


We wish to express deep gratitude to Microsoft Research for the sponsorship of the project and for provision of a wide range of software products of Microsoft Corporation.

We wish to thank Russian software company xTech Ltd. for rendering software specially designed for creation of virtual museums and archives and also for the highly professional technical support of the project.

We appreciate Atapy Software company for providing with software meant for optical character recognition.

The Project Sponsors

Project is sponsored by Russian Foundation for the Humanities, grant 05-03-12304.

Project was also sponsored by Russian Foundation For Basic Research, grant 03-07-90330.

The project continues, and we believe that the list will be extended. We invite all organizations and people to whom the archive of academician Ershov and the history of informatics in Russia may be of interest to participate in the project.

The Project Leaders

The Project Team

S. Antyufeev, M. Bulyonkov, A. Bulyonkova, N. Cheremnykh, K. Fiodorov, I. Kraineva, M. Mironov, A. Nemov, I. Pavlovskaya, M. Philippova, V. Philippov, N. Polyudova, A. Shelukhina, L. Zmievskaya.